Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Shabby Teepee - Ruffles,Lace, and Floral Coziness Fun

It has been a least a month since I have planned out a little photo sesh with Sailor. I have recently seen people making cool tents on Pinterest, and I wanted to get in on the fun. I tried some weird crazy stuff (I won't even get into it involved a laundry basket and duck tape) that didn't work out. Then one of my best ideas yet popped into my head. Sailor loved being cozy and playing in her very own little TP!I am leaving this cozy Teepee up for a few days.
See the directions for DIY below!
A L S O . . .
What Sailor bug has been up to:
-Reading lots of books. She scatters the house with them! I love to hear her read them out loud. 
-She is REALLY enjoying her kindergarten music class right now. She learning all sorts of fun songs, learning how to keep a beat, and has even played some really fun percussion instruments. 
-She loves to dance whevever she hears music. She is pretty dang good too! She REALLY likes to listen to Call Me Maybe, who doesn't right now. She will get sick of it like everyone else on her own time. :)
What Sailor has been saying:
Conversation with dad at the table eating breakfast-
Sailor, "I tah State , Utah State too dad. "Itah State, Utah State, and Me tah state." We laughed so hard. She is learning about I, you, and me and is hears a lot about Utah State University around here. Go Aggies! 
Sailor says, "Mom you stay right right there." when I am bugging her to go do something.
Sailor: "Mom can you say, doggie?" 
Me: "Doggie"
Sailor: "Can you say Walrus?" 
Me: "Walrus"
Sailor: : "haha hahaha bbabaaa hee."
I have never heard her talk about a walrus before. She is pretty funny. She is so fun!

 Below the millions of pictures I have posted a tutorial for DIY TEEPEE!

What is Sailor wearing?
Ruffle Bottoms: Boppy By Design
Headband: Adornmegirl
Necklace: Forever 21

DIY Teepee Directions:
1. Take two tent poles (mine go to a very small kid camping tent). You can use any size tent poles but keep in mind that you will have to have enough blanket or fabric for it to reach the ground. 
2. Fold the tent pole in half into a upside down V shape.
3. Once you have them both in a upside down v shape, bring the top corners together so two legs are in the front and two in the back into a teepee shape. 
4. Use rope or a lot of elastic and weave in and out of the four poles and tie a knot tightly at the top.
5. Select light weight fabric , or a light weight blanket you don't mind getting dirty and putting small holes in. The blanket I used was very light weight and already has teeny holes in it, so I didn't mind making a few small holes.
6. Drape your blanket just the way you want it over the tent poles. 
7. Once you have it the way you want it, get you tent stakes out.
8. Put the blanket or fabric under the bottom of each pole. Then poke the stake into the blanket and stake it down into the grass. It will fall over very easily if you don't stake it into the ground.
9. If it is windy add some rocks around the outsides of the blanket to keep a good shape.
10. Lay a blanket down in your teepee and grab a pillow.
11. Enjoy with your cute kids, or cute husbands, or cute boyfriends!

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  1. o my. she is adorable...and I LOVE THE PICTURES!!!

  2. How fun! I love her outfit and the tent!

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  4. For Sailor's upcoming career as a US Marine:

  5. I need to remember to come here more often. I love these photos, and the TeePee and the Ruffled bottoms are so adorable. Sailor looks so grown up. I am amazed you still have that doll!


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