Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magical Time With Dad

I was just about ready to put Sailor to bed early ( no nap today) when dad came home. She gets really excited when he walks through the door. I let them have their alone time in the backyard, but when I saw how cute they were I had to snap some photos. They have their own little relationship and it is oh so cute to watch. It makes me want to have a lot of babies! 

I am blending in well with the wall!

Later Sterling taught Sailor about dust and how it flies around and looks like "magic fairy dust" she thought it was pretty cool. Sterling took some way cute pictures of her figuring it out! I think it looks like magic myself! Next time we will have to mix glitter in with it!


  1. These pictures are precious. And I think you should have lots of babies. Miss you guys SO much!

    PS You and Sterling are both awesome photographers!

  2. Oh I love the pictures of Sterling and Sailor. That is very magical indeed. I also love the other pictures with Sailors little chubby hands enchanted with the sunlight coming in. Way to go on those photos mom! Love you all!

  3. oh my gosh kenj.. i hope my family is as lovely as yours is!! miss you!! love you!


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