Friday, July 8, 2011

Photography Lesson

 Don't you love Sailor's hair in this one? :)

Okay this is cute!

I'll admit, when I use my husband's camera I use the automatic settings almost all of the time. Then when he sees the pictures he tells me my photos could look a lot better if I actually took the time to learn how to use the camera. It's intimidating with all he dials, big lens, and all. Sterling gave me my second lesson here (yes second, I forgot all the stuff before and was scared.) These are all me, F-stop, shutter speed , ISO and all! I am getting there Eh? I'll be practicing . . .
These pictures were taken on July 4th while at Grandma Carla's house. 


  1. i love the photos. they look amazing! haha i wish i had a good camera, and some lessons lol!!!

  2. Love this! Your family is precious...and Grandma Carla looks JUST like Paula Deen!! :D

    So nice to meet you <3

    --Sara Sophia

  3. I loved the pictures and Carla looks so good holding Sailor. I wish I had some pictures with Sailor too. Maybe someday!

  4. Cute Grandma-Sailor pictures and daddy-Sailor pictures. Kendra you are amazing with that camera. I agree with Ashley - I wish I had a good camera and some lessons! Lucky you :)


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