Monday, July 11, 2011

Come Sail Away With Me

 Sailing Time! Over the weekend we got to do our favorite outdoor activity. We went sailing on the family boat. The wind was perfect! It was the most beautiful sailing in all my history of sailing. Plus we went with an unforgettably awesome couple! I'll introduce you to them below!

 This is BreeAnna and Adam. They win couple of the year for 2011 because of their cuteness and coolness. We were so happy they came sailing with us!  Happy Birthday today Bree!

 Bree and I sort of hit it off, okay really hit it off. She is more than pleasant to be around and as cute as she looks! We even majored in the same subject, and found out we both did an internship at the same place, so we had a thing or two to say about that.

 Double rainbow plus pretty green water!

 Another amazing picture taken by Sterling. He knows just how to catch the light right!

What are we wearing?
Kendra: Sea Foam Green Top: Down East 
Lace Trim Button up top: Forever21 
Brown Leather Belt: Forever21 
Jeans: Forever21
Sterling: Burnt Orange Top:21Men 
Blue and White Pin Stripe pants:H&M 
Prescription Glasses: Ray Ban
In this photo I wanted to re-create our engagement photo, that was taken almost four years ago!I can't believe it has been that long! It's pretty close huh? Next time we will get little Sailor girl in there with us.


  1. Great post. Does BreeAnna have more in common with you than me? HAHAHA. Love you Kendra. Your other twin.

  2. Beautiful Kendra!!! Love all of your pics. What a romantic thing to do. I"ve always wanted to go sailing with Dustin.....such a cool post ; )

  3. Love all the photos! I wish we were out there with you guys. Miss you!

  4. Gorgeous photos, it looks like the perfect day. Sometimes I think I'd be too scared to be out on a sailboat!!


  5. wow! love the photos! i haven't been sailing in forever-looks like a sweet time for y'all!
    following from mamalovespapa;)

  6. I'm completely smitten in love with this! The pictures are absolutely romantically magical! Swoon...

  7. Amazing photography! Love the nautical, sailing pictures. Cool contrast of your recent sailing pictures and your engagement pictures. It looks like 2 different girls in the pictures - dark hair Kendra looks like she could be blond hair Kendra's twin ;)

    And the double rainbow picture?! "Whoa! That's a full rainbow! All the way! Double rainbow!!" :)


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