Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small Style- Sailor Style

Linking up with Mama Loves Papa for Small Style Thursday!

 She thought the ball should wear the Sailor hat instead of the bear!

This girl is getting harder and harder to photograph. She is always moving from one thing to the next.  All of Sailor's sailor dresses are almost  too small for her. I remember wishing for the day when the dresses would fit her. That went fast. . . so lately she has been wearing them a lot. Don't worry, I am constantly buying sailor and nautical clothes to keep up with her rapid growing (if she isn't sick of all the sailor stuff now, she will be by the time she is five.)

On Sailor:
Dress: Gift 
Hair Clip: Forever21
Anchor Necklace: LoveMaddi on Etsy
Gold Boat Shoes: Old Navy ( You can tell by the pictures that she only wanted to wear one of them. )

Happy Bear: Build A Bear
Sailor Top and Hat: Build A Bear
Pleated Bow Jean Skirt: Build A Bear


On another note, want to win a belt or headband from Adornmegirl? Enter the giveaway at Pink Pistachio today. You will LOVE this blog if you haven't already fallen in love with it! It is a dream come true!


  1. Sweetest little thing!
    Love the outfit...simply divine xxx

  2. I love that outfit and the matching little teddy friend! And I totally feel you on the growing out of cloths too fast problem. They need to stop growing! (or at least slow down a bit)

  3. My little girl is in a sailor dress this week, too! So cute, and especially cute how it matches her name!

  4. sailor dress on a Sailor girl. this is too much, love it!

  5. Love her dress! She is a baby doll. I know how it is taking pictures of a mobile baby....

  6. So, SO pretty <3 I had no idea her name was Sailor until today. LOVE!!

  7. You always have the best photoshoots! I love, love, love that nautical dress and I would definitely be playing it up, too! Nautical things are one of my favorites and their even better on Miss Sailor.

    I love the Pink Pistachio and I'm definitely going to go enter the giveaway!

  8. I love her sweet sailor style and you take such gorgeous photos as always.

  9. Beautiful. I love how much you guys are embracing the sailor motif. Sailor is so darling and despite your trials in capturing the perfect photo of a mobile baby, she'll be so happy to have these images when she's older.
    PS I'm checking out Pink Pistachio. Very cool!
    PPS, I'm also from a sailing family ;)


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