Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small Style: Belt It Up With A Bow

Linking up with Mama Loves Papa for Small Style Thursday!
I don't know if I will ever get sick of MUSTARD, especially with grey! Sailor was a great model! She only broke three light bulbs, and I somehow managed  for her to not step in any of the glass!

 Sailor is wearing:
Dress: Old Navy
Bow Belt: New in Adornmegirl today!
Lace Felt Hair Bow: Adornmegirl


  1. oh look at her! adorable. love it!

  2. I love your daughter's name! And how adorable in she in this outfit! Love the mustard/grey combo!

  3. alright, i LOVE this outfit. a) color combination is my FAVE right now b) i'm obsessed with bows c) anything with a tutu is perfect.

    so sweet!

  4. Sailor could not get more stylish and beautiful (just like her mom!!). Love the bows and the colors. Adorable!

  5. Beautiful! I love that mustard color too. Who knew something called "mustard" could be so pretty? :)

  6. awww how cute. both bow and sailor. i love it

  7. She's so cute. Also that belt you made on your last post I really love. In fact I want you to make me a specialty belt. I'll call you.

  8. tutu - check
    bow - check
    ruffles - check
    totally adorable - check!

  9. Could she get any cuter? I love the little belt!

  10. Love the colour combo as well. Perfection in an outfit. AAAAANNNND...I'm totally loving my new set of Adornmegirl bows.

  11. Love your blog!! thank you for following me on Twitter!!
    Have a look at my blog and follow me if you like it!!



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