Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Inspiration} and a {Sneak Peak}

A couple of weeks ago my husband Sterling put one of my stretch belts on my daughter Sailor while she was wearing a dress as a fun joke (of course it went around about three times). I thought it looked so cute on her. Sterling had a great idea and said I should try making belts for cute baby girls. 

Good idea Sterling. The next day I made one for Sailor and myself. I got a little inspiration from one of my favorite online shops called Ruche and saw this belt. I luckily had almost the same color of fabric and tulle waiting to be used in my collection. 

Here is my version. 

  {Toddler Size }

They are comfortable and are made with velcro.

What do you think about the belts? Would you wear or buy either the adult or toddler size belt? Any feedback would would be greatly appreciated. I am a slightly unsure at the moment. 

Thanks all!


  1. I think those are super cute. I would totally wear one and put them om my girls. Is there another way to keep it on besides velcro? I think my little girl would just rip it right off if she could. Maybe some kind of metal clasp with a hook? That is my only suggestion, otherwise I am in love with them :)

  2. Super cute!!!! I'd wear/buy both!!! My little one would rock that well!

    Newest follower!


  3. Hi Kendra!! I love your blog and your Etsy store! Such cute things!! I think I need to buy this belt.


    Lana Hardy

  4. Love!! Just last week I put my skinny yellow belt on my 2 year old. It looped around twice and was so cute! I am always on the hunt for toddler size belts, but can never find them. Great idea Kendra!

  5. I absolutely LOVE them both!


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