Thursday, June 7, 2012

Small Style- {Pink, Mint, and Glasses}

 I have so much fun dressing up Sailor each week (almost) for Mama Loves Papa's Small Style
Sailor is not the easiest model to work with lately. She wants to be the photographer. I have to tell her that I am not nearly as cute as she is, and that she is better for the job!

Things Sailor has said and done lately:

When dad comes home she would rather have it be just her and dad hanging out. She usually pushes me and says, "go inside mom", or "go away mom" in a nice voice. She wants her time with dad, but doesn't know that I do too. :) It's pretty funny.

We recently had a "bye bye binky party" and let her binky off on some princess helium balloons. We told her it was going to a baby who needs it. When we were driving the other day I asked her if she could see the big yellow truck driving in front of us. She replied with, " It's going to a baby who needs a yellow truck." I thought it was pretty cute. She must think the world revolves around babies who need things, and she is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! 

The other day she said, " I wanna pick dad's car up." I replied with, "It's too heavy, I don't think you can pick it up." Now when we see parked cars she says," Cars, their too heavy, it's too hard."

She is cracking us up and we love her dearly! 

Side Note: Not my best pictures, but do I really know what I am doing when it comes to having the camera on manual? Let's just say I am still learning!

Sailor is wearing:
Dress: My shirt from H & M
Headband: Adornmegirl shop


  1., Kendra, Sailor is seriously the most adorable thing! (And, I think you're equally as cute! She obviously gets it from you!). Her outfit is always perfection and so is that set. Yay for shooting in manual! Let me know if you have any questions, but just doing it is a great way to learn. (Also, I love the book Understanding Exposure.)

    Sailor sounds hilarious! Sailor and Finley would definitely make great friends!

  2. This is so cute!! I love the Chevron background too!


  3. Sailor is so funny and has a cute personality! I love her outfit! I was surprised to read that her dress was actually your H&M shirt. You are very creative. I love all the pictures! Where did you get the glasses? How long have they lasted so far? It looks like she is about to break them on the last picture. ;)

  4. SO STINKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Sailor is such a doll.

  5. These are to cute and those blue eyes of hers just melt a person to the core. Love that little girl.

  6. she is so cute! i love her glasses. growing up so fast

    -Rachel w k


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