Thursday, November 10, 2011

Small Style- 19 Months

Sailor turned 19 months today. Like every parent part of me wants her to stay small and this age forever! It is a lot of fun to see her grow and learn. She is talking a lot and enjoying coloring on the walls (thank you magic erasers)! She has even used her Elmo potty and is starting to potty train. She talks about it a lot and likes to pretend her little Elmo has a stinky diaper.

We got dressed up today but stayed inside because Sailor has a small cold. She is looking really grown-up in these pictures. It makes me a little teary-eyed. 

What is Sailor wearing?
Grey Shirt: H&M
Denim Bow Dress: Zara Baby
Scarf: Zara Baby
Knit Hat: H&M
Boots: Zara Baby
Bow: Adornmegirl- Check them out on GroopDealz now! They will only be 4 for $7.00 until midnight! 


  1. Happy 19 months! She is TOO much. LOVE the scarf!


  2. What a doll! Love Love her outfit! I need to get Peyton that hat and those boots!

  3. she is growing up!!! she is a doll kendra:) and i love the knit hat!

  4. oh my goodness! happy 19 months. she looks adorable as usual.
    wait until she turns 2 like Lily. your post sounds like mine... bittersweet.

  5. I would LOVE this outfit in my size {of course, because it is from zara and you!}

  6. oh my goodness- her hair in those first photos kills me- so cute! I've got to try that style with my Avery! She is a real doll!

  7. i cant believe how much she grows every time you post pictures!!! her in that knit hat is absolutely adorable. shes precious :)

    -rachel w k

  8. Happy 19 months to ms. Sailor! That hat is perfection ~ she's such a doll.

  9. It's the pigtails. I swear every time I put pigtails on my toddler she morphs from baby to big girl.
    Love sailors style this week, especially the wee belt. It is adorable.

  10. SOOOO CUTE! Love her outfit.
    Speaking of H&M... it opens tomorrow at fashion place mall in murray! H&M In utah can you believe it? They are giving away tons of cash prices to the first people in line. I'm going to try for it, I hope I win 500.00 so that I can splurge on Sailor!

  11. Little Sailor! She is getting to be a big girl. Worth the trip across the pond to see her dressed in her cute clothes. Her smile is so infectious...impossible to look at her smile without smiling yourself! What a cute personality she has!

  12. She is so cute!! I love her little bow...


  13. Happy 19 Months, Sailor! I so agree with your feeling. With every age I am so excited for all of the new stuff, but sad that it all goes by so fast.

    I LOVE Sailor's outfit! Do you have a Zara and H&M in your town? I am dying to go to H&M soon and, of course, I love everything from Zara!

  14. Happy 19 months Sailor! I LOVE all the pictures, her outfit, her hair, her smile and her overall small style!

    I picked out the scarf from Zara ;) I thought the hat was from Zara as well? I saw it and thought it matched the scarf and knew that you love the mustard yellow color.

    Anyways, fun to see the Zara/H&M clothes on her. I thought they were cute clothes in the store but they are even cuter on Sailor!

    We had a good time shopping for clothes for Sailor - it makes me want to have a little girl to shop for. I kept thinking these clothes are so tiny (like doll clothes) are they really going to fit Sailor? She really is like a doll - you always have her dressed up so trendy and cute. :)

  15. I just love that little dress - we have that one too. So sweet. She is gorgeous.

  16. wow these are more keepers for Grammy. Love the hat and love her whole outfit!


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