Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boo! Happy Halloween from Monsters Inc.

Introducing Sailor- the blonde Boo from Monsters Inc.

I captured Sailor doing little piggies with Sullie. She also thinks the ipod is a cell phone. Maybe she is hinting to me that she wants an iphone for Christmas. . . in your dreams Sailor.

Sailor had a fun Halloween this year. The weather was nice, and it was Sailor's first time trick-or-treating. We went to The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business where dad goes to school and work and went trick-or-treating. We had a lot of fun meeting all of Dad's friends and got some candy. 

Then we came home and went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Before Sailor went to bed she helped me hand out candy to all the the other trick-or-treaters. Sailor would get really excited anytime anyone came to the door. 

We hope everyone had a fun Halloween. A special thanks to Nana Carla for the Monsters Inc. animals! It made the outfit very complete!

P.S. Did you know that Monsters Inc. two is coming out next summer. Cool! Google it!


  1. yay i love it!!! she looks adorable!

  2. She looks perfect. We also just watched the movie of her thinking "Casey" is on Yo Gabba Gabba. Is that the name of your brother -in-law?

  3. Sailor always has the BEST and most ADORABLE Halloween costumes! She is a super cute blond Boo! I liked the video clip. It's fun to see her play and hear her talk. I love her cute Monsters Inc. stuff animals - they really do make her outfit complete.

    Monsters Inc. is one of my favorite movies. From what I have seen online, it seems like the Monsters 2 movie is a prequel (like how the Monsters met in college). If that's true, I'm disappointed because I wanted to see more of Boo!

  4. So Stinkin' Cute! I love it and think it is so creative!

  5. What a great idea for a costume! She's freakin' adorable.

  6. I want my daughter to be boo this year for Halloween and came across your blog in my search. Where did you find the pink tshirt? Everything I find is not long enough. If you could email me, that would be great!! Thanks!! bryzbg28@gmail.com

  7. Where did you get the outfit? Its perfect! I want to have my daughter be Boo this year. Need some help!


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