Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Small Style- 18 Months Style

  Eighteen Months Old
I like to go on walks.
I like to push my baby stroller.
I like to cheer for the Aggies.
I like Elmo a lot.
I like to read my animal books.
I like to get dressed up and look in the mirror and say, "cuuuuttte".
I like to watch Baby Signing Time.
I like to give hugs and kisses.
I like to climb up on the kitchen table, even when my mommy says it's dangerous.
I like trying to say all the words my mom and dad ask me to say.
I like playing at the park.
What is Sailor wearing?
Tunic top: Carter's
Skinny Jeans: Garanimals
Bow Belt: Adornmegirl
Shoes: Children's Place
Hair Clip: Adornmegirl


  1. My very favorite age - our Ava is 18 mths as well. Challenging but oh so fun.
    Sailor looks so chic!

  2. I seriously live this little outfit...for me!! Hah. She is really so sweet.

  3. Adorable! Love her 18 months style! Doesn't she have a baby doll for her toy stroller? Or does she have an imaginary baby? ;)

  4. Gorgeous. Love the colour of the top. :)


  5. great shots. i love that tunic, almost got it for Lily. :)

  6. I love her outfit! And your hairclips are awesome!
    Hugs from Brazil!

  7. Oh my, Kendra! Just when I think she can't get any cuter....she does! LOVE that outfit!

  8. yay she has a stroller now awesome. these pics are pretty

  9. Another question - are those skinny jeans hard to get on her? I finally got myself some skinny jeans from H&M. I have a hard time keeping up with fashion/trends. But Sailor inspires me with her small and trendy style to try and be better with fashion :)

  10. cuuuuuuuuuute cute cute cute i cant believe shes 18 months! I love her flower clip :) and I love that she looks in the mirror and says "cuuuute" hahaha! she's right :)

    -rachel w k

  11. Did you guys teach her to say "cuuuuute", or did she pick that one up? That is adorable! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! We can't wait!


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