Thursday, September 22, 2011

Small Style- Piano Style

We were lucky enough to receive Sterling's old piano that he has played on his whole life a couple of weeks ago. Sterling is an excellent piano player, the kind that makes you cry because it is so beautiful. It is so nice to hear him play. I'm not the only one who likes it. Sailor loves hearing her dad play the piano. Especially when he lets her sit on his lap and plays songs from Tangled and Elmo's World. She wants to be like her dad. We plan on having her start lessons in a couple of years.

I caught Sailor on camera singing and playing. We are so glad she loves music!

On Sailor:
Headband: Adornmegirl
Baby Legs: Jameson Monroe


  1. I'm so glad she likes the aggies. It looks like you have a cheerleader in your home, not a pianist. ha ha ha. She's so cute.

  2. Such a cute little photo session with the piano! Love it!! I absolutely love her little onesie too. Might have to make something like that soon.

  3. She is SO cute! How could she not be musically talented with her genes? I can't wait to hear her play someday! :)

  4. Gorgeous. The photos, the girl and the outfit. :D

    We are big fans of babylegs too so always glad to see them. And the hairband is adorable.


  5. Love that last photo and her little piggie-tails, too! I hope to have a piano someday soon as well. I played, and would love my kids to play...

  6. Oh I just love these new pictures! She looks like she will be naturally musically talented too. I love the use of her little thumb. Love to you
    Sailor. Grammy loves you!

  7. A onesie and legwarmers, what is not to love! She is so cute! Love her headband as well. Cute baby, great pictures :)

  8. Baby Sailor! Nanna is in Germany right now with Aunt Brittany. We loved hearing your first piano concert! you have rhythm! We love you and bought you presents from H&M and Zara! See you next weekend. love, Nanna

  9. Adorable as always. Sailor really looks like you in these pictures. Must be the new 'do!
    BTW, how do you get her to keep the hairbands in????

  10. oh sweet girl!! lets get her a little harp too maybe?? :)
    I love her cute talk! I got Aggies and Nanna in there.. did she say KC as well?
    Love you guys! I have a small surprise in store for you when your anniversary comes!

  11. Oh my gosh she is darling and that outfit! Precious! I can't wait to have a cute lil girl to dress like that :) And that will be so fun for her to learn to play the piano!

  12. Ditto Allison and my mom's comment ;)

    Cute that you trained her to be an Aggie fan. Is she going to be an Aggie cheerleader for Halloween?

    Rainer and I need to visit and teach her some German words. ;)


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