Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Small Style- Heirloom Style

Sailor is really starting to like the rocking chair that is in her room. She climbs up in it, and rocks back and forth saying "weeee". 

She doesn't know this but her new favorite chair is a very special family heirloom.

Sterling's grandmother Leola got this beautiful chair when she had her first child, Carla. Carla is Sterling's mother and Sailor's grandma. Leola told me she rocked all four of her kids in this rocking chair. She told me how much she loved the chair and cross stitched the pretty flowers on the seat.

After all of the many years in the Mittelstadt home it made its way to the Morris house, where Carla rocked all of her babies. Including Sailor's dad Sterling, and his two sisters.

From the first time I rocked Sailor in it, it was hard not to think of all the hours it has rocked so many precious babies to sleep. I thought of all the pondering and praying that must have happened by Leola and Carla, and I can't help but think of all the tears that have been shed while sitting in this chair by both babies and their mothers.

When Sailor was more rock-able, I remember rocking her to sleep in the dead middle of the night. Even at my most tiring times, my eyes would fill with tears as I would thank Heavenly Father for allowing me to be her mother. I thought of and how lucky I am to be able to teach her and see her grow. I know I'm not the only mom who has cried in that rocking chair and thought the same things.

I was reminded of those feelings recently when Sailor allowed me to rock her to sleep a couple of weeks ago. As I patted her back, I could not believe how much love I have for her. I prayed again thanking Heavenly Father for trusting me to be her mommy. 

The life of this rocking chair will never die! Maybe Sailor can rock her sweet babies in it someday.

Thank you Leola and Carla for allowing me to rock on. I love you both!

What is Sailor wearing?
Dress: Baby Gap
Bloomers: H&M
Boots: Gymboree
Headband: Adornmegirl


  1. I love this Kendra! She such a pretty little girl! I really like her dress! I love how you have such a special heirloom, the only family heirloom I have is my great grandmothers gold and diamond brooch, which I keep tucked away safe in my jewelry box!

  2. Very sweet and tender words about the love of a mother for her babies and knowing that "mother love" is universal the world over. Heirlooms do tie generations together, along with the stories to keep us all connected. You are a great example of motherhood, always so soft and loving to Sailor. And you are who you are because of your sweet mom....Sailor will carry on the tradition! love you all! Carla

  3. what a wonderful heirloom! beautiful.
    love the dress and love the photos of her peaking from the chair

  4. Did you take these pictures Kendra? Amazing photography! What camera do you have? I want to save up for a nice basic digital/professional camera but I'm not sure what brand/kind to get?? Any suggestions or recommendations?

    I love this blog entry! You write beautifully.

    You are such a good example to me. I'm scared to death of pregnancy. Yet looking at your blog shows me all the joys of motherhood and makes me forget my fears.

    The Sailor heirloom style is so cute! She is more stylish than me. ;) Keep on stylin' Sailor. :)

  5. She is adorable and I love her name! So cute!

  6. she is such a cutie! great photos too! and such a cute dress...

  7. That dress is beautiful. :) And once again gorgeous photos. :)


  8. A most beautiful post sweetie. I loved reading it. I did not even know that you have that rocking chair. You have made it very special for Sailor and Carla too. Love you very much. I will be scrapbooking these pics for sure.

  9. So cute! i have spent many hours rocking and crying just like you! the last time i did i was thinking about how she was no longer my little baby, because i have a new one. She was going through some withdrawls and so was i! even though i had been up a long time with West, i stayed up even longer just so i could rock her a little... now that things are getting to normal though, i just make sure West goes down a while before she does so i can really give her some one on one time. we love it! anyways, i loved your post because it just hit home. we need to see you guys sometime when your in town!

  10. This is such a sweet post. I love that the chair is so special in your family and that you can be part of such a special tradition.

    I swear Sailor is getting cuter every post. She really is absolutely adorable.

  11. Sailor (you!) have the best style! I love that dress and headband!

    What a precious gift that rocking chair is! You are so incredible blessed by sweet Sailor and she is such a blessed little girl to have you as her mommy! The chair is so beautiful, but the meaning in it is even more beautiful! Thanks for sharing the story, Kendra!


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