Friday, April 29, 2011

Every Wedding is a Royal Wedding

Kate and William looked outstandingly gorgeous today! I loved Kates's dress! I think it was so elegant and classy! I'll admit it was hard for me not to watch this couples every move since their engagement on November 16, 2010 (which is my birthday I might add). It's great to see the new royal couple as husband and wife.

What was Kate's Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue?

Something old: The bridal gown, from Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, featured “traditional Carrickmacross craftsmanship,” a lace technique that dates back to the 1800s.

Something new: Her parents gifted their daughter with custom-made diamond oak-leaf earrings with a diamond-encrusted acorn set in the middle, a nod to their new family crest.

Something borrowed: Kate’s tiara, on loan from the queen herself, per royal wedding tradition, is a 1936 Cartier “halo.”

Something blue: We can't see it, but a blue ribbon is sewn into the interior of her dress.


I believe that every wedding is a royal wedding!

I want to see pictures of your royal wedding! If you aren't married how about a picture of your friend, sister, or parents or anyone you love?

Here are some pictures of my royal wedding day(almost 3.5 years ago!)

Everyone says my husband Sterling looks like Prince William. He actually really does. Except for he has better hair and he's cuter!

Link your blog below with one or more of your ROYAL WEDDING pictures!


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  2. Another beautiful post about the Royal Wedding! I love your both could pass as royal lookalikes!

  3. So I missed watching the wedding but I have loved watching all the recaps today! I think Kate's dress was SO beautiful. I told Isaac I wish we could get married again so I could have that dress. I thought it was so classic and beautiful!

    Sterling DOES look like Prince William! Only I agree that he is better looking. :)

  4. I also had a LOT of fun watching this wedding unfold. It was gorgeous! And your wedding pictures are stunning... couldn't you just flip through your wedding album every single day and never get tired of it?! Lovely!


  5. I loved watching the royal wedding very much, and I will try to get some wedding pictures of ours for you. I loved your very wonderful wedding day for sure. Your dress was very royal looking too. love you!


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