Monday, July 8, 2013

Adornme Girl is now {Cozy Sailor}

Look who has a new name! Adornme Girl is no longer Adornme Girl. I have major mixed feelings about the name change. I will for sure miss Adornme Girl, but I am excited for a new start. Please welcome 'Cozy Sailor' into your life.

What has changed?

Nothing. Just the name. All of the same handmade and boutique items in the shop are the same.
More stylish and current items will continue to be make their way into the shop for fashionistas of all ages.

Why the name change?

Weirdest thing happened. A few months ago I got a letter from a local company here in Cache Valley with the name Adorn it. They were very upset and accused me of stealing their name, infringing on their trademark and insisted that I change my name. I didn't know they existed until a few months ago. Their shop is on the other side of town to which I rarely drive or go.

But wait,your name is different from their name so why do they care?

Good question. A couple of local customers have gotten us mixed up and that upset them (sorry for sending customers your way.)
My take on it:

After working to keep my name and paying some hefty(to me) legal fees, it looks as though they do not want to back down. Recently I have heard from a few people in Cache Valley that this company is known to be "bullies" if you will to local businesses.

As a small business owner I am not here to fight, be mean, or spend a bunch of money on legal fees.
My first priority is to be a wife and mother. I do this to help support my family and it is a fun hobby to which I enjoy. I love to create and enjoy looking for fun stylish clothing items for little girls and big girls. :)

If you or someone you know use or uses the word "Adorn" in a business name watch out. These ladies think they own it, seriously.

I thought about changing my name to A DOOR KNIT Boutique to see if they would like that, but I think I like my new name better. After dealing with these guys, I would actually hate for someone to get my business mixed up with theirs.

Nevertheless, I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to re-brand.

Now it's time to have a PARTY! Watch for some major giveaways and free stuff as Adornme Girl makes its transition over to Cozy Sailor Boutique.

Shop the Cozy Sailor Boutique here:

Follow Cozy Sailor on Instagram by searching 'cozysailor'.

Still working with Facebook to see if I can change my business name without losing all of my fans and starting all over. Stay tuned. :)

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  1. Lame with a capital L! Let me know if you want me to send you a new header with the updated name!


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