Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sequins Are A Girls Best Friend + A New Shop

Lately I can't get enough of anything that sparkles! I love sequins and glitter, it makes me feel better about my life. Adornmegirl just got some new belts in! These babies have cute tiny sequins and come together with a gold (a color I can't get enough of) or  a silver nicely polished clasp. Check out me and my friend Lauren the beautiful blogger over at Mammathought (go follow her)styling them! Lauren will be giving away one of the popular gold belts out for a giveaway soon. Make sure you check in over there to enter! 
You can buy this belt in the new Adornmegirl Storenvy shop. Click here to purchase and check out the new shop! Six colors to choose from ladies, and the possibilities of ways to wear them are endless!

A tiny bit of sparkle makes Lauren this happy!

Kendra with Red and Lauren with Coal

          Black/Gold        Coal/Silver    Silver/Silver     Gold/Gold      Red/Gold             Blue/Gold

Items in the new Adornmegirl Shop


  1. Kendra. you and your friend are so cute. I wish we woyldve taken some pics when we were together. were..the fate of being too busy. more reason for you to come and visit me!

  2. Ow Ow Ow hotties! Love it...and the new shop! You still doing etsy?

  3. Wow Kendra, your shop is changing so much, and I love it! I really hope you can come for the Boutique. It wlll add so much!


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