Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nature At Its Finest . . . A Perfect Robin's Nest

I think this is nature at its finest! This robin's nest is in our back yard tree. The past couple of months I had been seeing a lot of Robins hanging out in the back while I looked out the office window. Later, I spotted the nest but didn't think to look into the nest for at least a week after that. When I finally did, I saw the four beautiful blue eggs! I started dancing. This is for sure one of the coolest things (I think) that has happened to our family. ha ha :) Sailor asks to go see them at least once an hour. 

Luckily the tree isn't very big and I was able to snap some cool photos by standing on a blue camping chair that I ended up breaking, who cares though right? I still can't believe the eggs are such a pretty natural color!


  1. So pretty! Great pictures Ken!!

  2. That is just the most perfect nest. If it ever gets abandoned, you should keep it. Love the color of those eggs.


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