Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Small Style: Rosette Style

Hello everyone! We are very behind on posts! I will be playing catch up for awhile. Part of this has to do with my husbands laptop being stolen.Boo So he stole mine, double boo! So right now I have about five minutes and then this baby goes back to the student who is about to graduate from grad school! If you find the stupid head who stole our computer let me know. I will have a reward for you. :) 

We met up with some of our cutest friends today and took some pictures in the rain. 

Sisters, Sadie and Hanna have the coolest house and a really BIG back yard. Sailor ran around with the two while I hurried and snapped some shots in the rain. All three of the girls are wearing rosette headbands from the Adornmegirl shop. Hurry and get it a the best price of your life of $4.00 on Groopdealz now! 

Get your L'Amour or Urban Rosette headband for only $4.00 over at Groopdealz today! It is a save of 63% off!


  1. They all look so gorgeous with their rosettes. Dreamy photos too.

  2. Oh how I miss that little Sailor,and she looks so cute as usual!

  3. Oh this is gorgeous! Miss S looks adorable, as always. Have you heard of Misha Lulu or Matilda Jane? They have such cute clothes you would not believe it!



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