Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Small Style: Waiting for Spring / Groopdealz Belt Deal

Happy One Year Anniversary to Small Style at Mama Loves Papa! Be sure to head on over to see the cutest family in California, and enter an amazing giveaway! 

I dressed Sailor up in some spring-ish clothes a couple of days ago and I think we both wanted it to be warm outside. Except for it was pretty freakin cold! Sailor still managed to have fun outside, and she pulled one of her favorite books and toy out with her to play with for awhile. It's been snowing like crazy here in Logan the last two days and we got a chance to play in the backyard while making circles with bowls and cups in the snow! Sailor really liked it. She didn't like her mittens! 

With the help from my sweet mom from Something Special, we have made  A LOT of belts for the Adornmegirl Zulily event this weekend, and also the Groopdealz event that is happening now!  Hurry and grab your belt for HALF off while you can! They are great for Easter dresses and spring/summer. 

On Sailor: Headband: Adornmegirl, Top: Dress from H&M Skirt: H&M, Belt: Adornmegirl, Boots: Twigglets
 B E L T T I M E

Go HERE to see the deal on Groopdealz! The amount is limited, so don't sit on the fence too long!


  1. she is just adorable. and what a good sport playing outside in the cold. brrrrr

  2. Kendra! These belts are adorable! Seriously, your blog makes me fall in love with pink and ruffles, and all things little girl. Poor Behr! Before long I will be putting his hair in pigtails if he doesn't watch out.

  3. She is too sweet! Love the little belts...very cute.

  4. I love your photos! And those belts are crazy cute..I'm going to go check them out and decide which one we cannot live without! (O:

    I am stopping by today from Small Style. You can check out my post here:

    Have a great day! (O:

  5. How exciting! The belt looks so good with her skirt! I am pinning to help spread the word :)

  6. Wow! What an adorable belt and skirt!!


  7. She is so sweet! Love everything about this outfit. Hoping to grap a belt when they are on Zulily!

  8. so cute kendra. i've been missing you and your posts. i want to so you again day.

  9. Very sweet. Cute belt. :D


  10. Sailor is so cute! I love her looking at her book. We miss you guys!


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