Thursday, February 9, 2012

Small Style: Sunday Best For Valentines Day

Hello! It's good to finally be able to make a post. I have been very busy making things. Lots and lots of things. Like 500+  headbands 200+ bows and the list goes on. Of course I have have had some help from family and friends so it's been fun. Adornmegirl is getting ready for an event with Zulily!  It will hopefully take place to begin on March 2nd. 

Let's talk about Small Style via Mama Loves Papa, and what Sailor has been up to lately!
She is really growing up fast, I know everyone always says that but it is true. I can't believe she will be two in less than two months from now!

She really does well playing all by herself and is very imaginable with her toys. She talks to them like I talk to her. I find her saying, "What's wrong" , "I'm sorry", "you okay", "sit down please", to her little dog all of the time. She is also very affectionate and kisses and hugs just about everything, even her boots, and I do want to add that when she puts them on she says, " CCCCUUUUTTTEEEE".

The other day when we were driving in the car she said very clearly, "get some food, go see dad, cool huh?" 
It was really funny, especially when she said, "cool huh". This is because we often will take Sterling some food and eat dinner with him on his busy schedule. Sailor always looks forward to seeing her dad. 

Sailor didn't mind being outside in the cold for a few pictures. She was running from one end to the other saying a lot of cute gibberish.  She broke the little branch off the tree herself and brought her own toys with out. For the past 3 weeks Sailor can't go anywhere without her little Yorkie dog her granddad gave to her. She sleeps and eats with it, must have it in the car, in every store, and at church. When she isn't looking I have to throw it in the washer to clean the milk spills off of it, which is hard because she is so attached to it.

What is Sailor wearing:
Dress: Zara- gifted from her Nana 
Shoes: Zara
Hair Bow: Adornmegirl


  1. She is absolutely Adorable !! Glad she likes her Bugsy toy. What a hsppy little girl.

  2. Sailor is adorable! and yes, they grow way too fast.
    congrats on your up coming event with zulily. exciting!

  3. Sailor is the cutest little girl! I love her cute Dress, and all the photos!

  4. Oh my, I've missed seeing your stylish girl. Who, btw, sounds like just about the cutest thing going. And I've missed putting bows in mine. Sigh. I cut her hair recently and so I'm out of the habit. BUT maybe tomorrow!!

  5. Sailor really is growing up and changing so much! She looks like a Mittelstadt in these pictures.. what cute and different face expressions!

  6. She is just too cute. Love her outfit. This age is so fun :)

  7. They do grow up so fast! I don't think you can say it to think it enough! How sweet are her new little saying? "Cool, huh" would get me good!

  8. I hate repeating myself but: so pretty. :D



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