Monday, December 12, 2011

Husband Brag

I like a boy who is named Sterling. He's fun,smart, and most of all a great husband and dad. He is the HARDEST working person I know. Here are some but not all of the core things he has been up to.

-Finishing up a graduate program in Masters of Information Systems at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.
-Social media and web manager/film maker at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.
-Politicit programmer and web developer (check out this website for all of your social media political candidate questions.

Below are some recent pictures from the Huntsman School of Business scholarship banquet dinner that we attended.

Sorry about your hair in this one Sterling. I still like this picture of us. :)
Jon Huntsman- One of the most generous and loving men in the world!

This video was produced by Sterling and shown to Jon M. Huntsman and guests at the banquet dinner. Great job Sterling.
These pictures were taken of Sterling while at work. I thought they turned out great!!

I am so proud of Sterling and all he does. Thanks for everything you do Sterling. Stay cool!


  1. I like your Husband brag post sweetie, and I think he is hard working and good looking too!

  2. I'm so impressed with my brother! I knew he was working on a Master's and is involved in the Politicit site. But I didn't know that he was the social media and web manager/film maker at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business or that he is the CTO of Imicroinvest! Wow! He is so talented and accomplishes a lot with his time.

    I'm really bad at time management and need to be better. But I think no matter how hard I try I don't think I can ever measure up to Sterling. He does so many cool things.

    The film Sterling made for the Huntsman banquet was really well done. I saw a short clip of a little blond hair girl in the background of one of the scenes - was that Sailor? Or another girl?

    I really like the Imicroinvest company. Just the other day Rainer and I were watching a report on German TV about poor kids and families in Turkey that pick hazelnuts in the mountains. It's actually against the law for kids to work in Turkey. So some of the people hid from the camera and didn't want to be filmed. But one boy told the camera men that he works from 6am to about 8pm at night. He said he picks hazelnuts for the money but doesn't want to do that the rest of his life. He wants to get an education and become a policeman and catch criminals.

    It was so sad to see how poor these families were and how they didn't make very much money for their backbreaking labor. They live in handmade tents of tarp and they don't own very many things or have a lot of food. One of the days they were filming the report there was a huge rain storm and the river near their camp flooded. At least no one died but the families lost everything.

    I think that's so good that there are companies like Imicroinvest that can help people in poor countries get an education or start a business, etc.

    Sterling is like one of those CNN heros for doing so many good things for other people ;)

  3. How sweet, Ken! Sterling is great, and we love him too.

  4. I love your photos...sent a copy to relatives (Smaaberg's) in they wanted a recent pic. Good looking!


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