Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Small Style: Faux Fur Style

 It's Small Style via Mama Loves Papa! I am so glad cute little Morgan started Small Style because I have so much fun dressing up Sailor each week and taking pictures. It's also a great way to document her growing and what she has been doing for the past week. 

Her new thing is jumping, and singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" song (she likes clapping, turning around, and stomping her cute little feet.)She also likes to grab our hands and lead us around to places she wants to go. She loves holding hands every time we walk down the hall.

The funny stuff: Sailor has a book with Winny the Pooh, except for when she turns the pages she just says "poop, poop". I teach her that his name is "Pooh Bear", but I guess she is getting the potty training stuff mixed up a little. ha ha

She is growing so fast and is developing a small cute little attitude. For this shoot you can see that she didn't want to keep both of her boots on. She also had fun getting holes in her new tights! 

Jumping Time!!

Is this not one of the cutest top knot buns you have ever seen?

What is Sailor wearing?
Dress: H&M
Long Sleeve Onesie: Gymboree
Faux Fur Vest: H&M
Boots: Zara
Headband: New from Adornmegirl


  1. she is sooooo cute! and i freakin love your shoes! i want them:)

  2. You BOTH are dresses so cute! I love all of that Sailor hair.

  3. Kendra! I love her cute faux-fur vest and her cool top-knot. She looks adorable. But you are looking pretty smoking too! I love your new hair! Looks like you got some low-lights and some ombre effect happening? I'm not sure, but I love it. I also love your shoes. Where did you get those?

    On another note (and I'm pretty sure we've already told you this) Bri and I quote Sailor everyday, "Aggies, Aggies,"

    So cute.

  4. Sailor's smile! Her personality is showing through! She is turning out to be such a wonderful little soul who is well dressed and cared for. She's fun to watch and fun to know!

  5. Hurray for H&M clothes from Germany!! Cute outfit! I love her top knot hair style. You look good too Kendra. Are you going back to your natural hair color?

  6. her hair is PRECIOUS and such a cute fall outfit. I love the photo of you two sitting in the grass together, she looks so happy :)

    -rachel w k

  7. You always have her dressed so cute! I especially love her dress and boots!

  8. love this post. yours shoes are so hot

  9. Two sweet ladies...even if one is a poop poop fan (an honest to goodness lol when I read that. very cute, Sailor, very cute.)

  10. You and your daughter are so gorgeous!! Love the outfits!

  11. she is precious. i just found your from blog


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