Thursday, September 1, 2011

Small Style- Savor Summer Style

Sailor was running full force right at me here!

Sailor eating her popsickle. Does anyone else have a child who makes cute sounds while eating something they like?

On Sailor:
Swimsuit: Old Navy
Hair Clip: Forever21
 My reflection in the window!
 Summer don't leave us, but we won't be that sad because we are excited for fall clothes!!


  1. that first picture is awesome!! the air is already changing here in WV where we are visiting. i love fall and fall fashion!

  2. I love the video, that is so adorable!!! The new little bow clips are a fantastic idea :)

    -rachel w k

  3. You two are SO cute! Love that swimsuit and hairclip!

    I love the changing of the seasons and definitely Fall clothes! (But, I don't like endless cold weather, so...) :)

  4. Sailor's swimmers are really pretty! "is that a dog" your accent is so cute!

  5. I love that first full force and running pic. I wish we would've taken some better pics when we were hanging out. It was so fun to see you both! I hope Sterling gets less busy! (ha ha)

  6. When did her hair get so long! Oh my!
    BTW, my bows arrived just in time for my Small Style pictures. I had a headband in Stella's hair, and we picked up the mail on the way out to get ice cream (hooray bows!). But she kept pulling it out of her hair, so bows to the rescue! She loves them. She tries to put them in her own hair. And on the cats. Ha!

  7. i can see your Sterling lets you handle his camera a for you. these are adorable sis. love her suit. and you look fabulous. miss you lots. love you.

  8. Sailor looks more grown up in each post you do of her! Your reflection looks so cute.. I miss you guys! Love your cupcake post too! Buttercream frosting is the only way to go.


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