Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Birthday

My daughter Sailor turned one last week and I thought I would share some pictures of the little shindig.

For the first time I made tissue poms, and now I am addicted. Thank you Martha Stewart! They are so easy and fun! Click here to make some tissue poms for your next event.

I also used the same tutorial to make the small poms on a string for the cake. I used two sucker sticks on each side for the poles.

Some people have asked me where I got Sailor's Sequin crown; I got it at Joanne Fabric and Crafts for $1.00!!


Here is a video of us singing Happy Birthday to Sailor. Before you watch here are a couple of disclaimers:
1) Although my husband is as musical as can be, I know he hits a couple of flat notes while singing Happy Birthday. he he
2) I promise we are the best parents and felt bad about Sailor touching the candle flame, but yes, it is pretty cute and funny! She was okay a few minutes later.

Birthday Candle


  1. You should let me follow you via bloglovn' it's way more convenient to keep track of when people post.

  2. Oh my goodness this is too stinkin cute. I love the little pom pom stand you made on the cake!



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